League of Legends players wants to make the new Honor system even better

By Kurtis Chan on Jul 3, 2017

The new Honor system recently went live on all League of Legends servers. Although it was just released a few days ago, League players are already requesting additional features in order to make the Honor system even better.

Riot Simurgh started a thread in the League of Legends board to gather feedbacks from players after a day it went live. The majority of the comments were asking for a way to honor more than one teammate, a progression bar to view honor level, as well as bringing back the 'honorable opponent' feature.

Sometimes games are won not through the actions of a single player, but with an entire team putting in collaborative plays and efficient teamwork, thus choosing only one out of four players to honor can be viewed as an unfair system.Thankfully, the people at Riot recognizes this problem and they are currently working on implementing it in the near future. "Totally agree. IMO this is one of Honor's biggest weakness. We're looking to expand honor to cover this weakness in future improvements," Riot Simurgh stated in his comment. 

As for the Honor progression bar, it is currently not included in the game like Champion Mastery level, and it will not be part of the main game features. Here are the reasons given by Riot Simurgh:

  1. We didn't want to anchor people on the "grind" to honor levels. By not having progress indicators, we wanted to root the reinforcement for being sportsmanlike on the feedback you get from other players (the honors), not any artificial motivation from being "close to the next level".
  2. Our behind-the-scenes systems which determine honor level ups aren't simple. The types of calculations we do to determine if a player is ready to level up takes into account their holistic behavior across many games, and don't lend themselves well to being surfaced in an "XP bar"-style system. Anything we surface here could also warp behavior around trying to "min/max" the most honor points, which really refocuses it away from the point of the Honor system - play good games and you'll make progress.
  3. We wanted to have a few discrete levels in Honor, since bloating the number would make each feel less meaningful. However, we wanted players to progress over the course of a season or half-season, which means that progress to the next level would necessarily be fairly slow. We didn't think it would be a great experience to reinforce this through some progress indicator.


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