League of Legends is getting some significant changes to Runes and Masteries, and also a new Honor system

By Kurtis Chan on May 31, 2017

Senior Producer and Product Lead for League of Legends, New001 just dropped a video in the League of Legends Dev Blog and the game will be going through some huge core gameplay changes where Runes and Masteries will be combined and reforged into one, while the Honor system will be revamped.

Runes Reforged

The major overhaul of the Runes and Masteries is currently scheduled to be implemented in League of Legends during the pre-season on November this year. The introduction of Runes Reforged will see the retirement of both Runes and Masteries as both of it will be integrated into one single system. The Keystone Rune is the most powerful and impactful tool in Runes Reforged, just like Quintessence Runes and the Keystone Masteries. These Runes can be changed and edited while in champion select and by selecting different Runes for a specific champion, it allows players to try out different playstyles.

Here are the examples of the new runes given by New001:

  • Berserk- After being in combat for a few seconds, grants 60% attack speed and raises attack speed cap momentarily
  • Perxie- A pet that will give shields to allies or deal damage to enemies when sent out 
  • Overheal- Excess healing past max HP will be converted to a shield

The best part of the Runes Reforged is that it will be completely free, giving old and new players alike a chance to unlock more champions instead of spending the hard earned IP on Runes. For summoners who have invested countless IP and RP in Runes and Runepages, Riot will do a compensation, though no details on how it will be done is revealed yet. More in depth discussion on Runes Reforged will be released later this week.

Honor Update

The Honor system in League of Legends is basically non-existent. It is just a small button for you to honor your teammates or opponents in the post-game screen, and since it is so tiny that majority of players will overlook it, and thus totally forgot about it.

The revamped Honor system will now work similarly as the post-game cards in Overwatch, where a screen will pop up after the Nexus explodes and you can choose whoever you want to honor based on their performance or behavior. After the honor phase, you will be redirected to the usual post game lobby, and you will be able to see the Honors you received. Receiving three or more honors, you will be recognized for the entire lobby to see.

Additionally, every player will have a Honor level. It is viewable in the profile section next to rank, and you can level it up by receiving honors from your teammates. Honor levels will decay if you have a few less honorable games. Key fragments will now be dropped through the Honor system and players will get rewards by receiving Honors. The higher the honor level, the more lucrative rewards you will get, including exclusive content. 

The new Honor system will be heading to PBE this week and Riot is looking to globally release it in patch 7.13 of the game. More details will be revealed by the Honor team soon.

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