Last 3 Days to Enjoy Harvey Norman's Gaming Expo

By Dale Bashir on Oct 26, 2017

Happening right now at Paradigm Mall, Harvey Norman's 2nd Gaming Expo is being held from the 17th of October and is ending on the 29th of October. The event is completely free and is a great place to try all kinds of new games.

At the expo, gamers can experience all the latest tech by Sony, AMD, Garena, and MSI. Fans of the new Grand Turismo can try out the new game with a complete steering wheel set-up.

There is also a lot of mini contests for gamers to enjoy and show off their gaming prowesses to the crowd. Some of these mini-contests include:

  • Mobile Legends: Band bang! Contest
  • Counter-Strike: GO Tournament brought to you by MSI
  • League of Legends Tournament organised by Garena
  • Demo of Arena of Valor, Garena’s first Mobile MOBA
  • FIFA Online 3 Tournament by Garena
  • PlayStation VR Demo
  • Gran Turismo SPORT Time Trial Challenge

Harvey Norman also has a myriad of special deals exclusive to their stores for PS4s and more. So come on down to Paradigm Mall now to get a taste of the latest developments in gaming.

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