Lara Croft cosplayer displays true passion in her craft by posing with a 300-pound bear

By Kin Boon on Jun 1, 2017

Image credit: ipirogovacom - Instagram
Image credit: ipirogovacom - Instagram

Cosplayers are often passionate in what they do, as it’s usually not cheap or easy to prepare the props and costumes, even more so if they intend to take nice outdoor pictures as well. While it may turn out simple enough for them over time, but a certain Lara Croft cosplayer has gone the extra mile by posing with an actual, real life bear.

Cosplayer Captain Irachka took the shots with the help of Irina Pirogova, a photographer who is known for taking shots of beautiful women posing with various animals that we certainly wouldn’t approach, such as bears, wolves, and foxes. The “lucky” bear in question, Stepan might look like a menacing figure at first glance, but it’s a fully domesticated animal living with its two adoptive parents ever since it was barely a few months old.

Although the photos turned out to be great as much as they are supposed to induce fear, an awful lot could have gone wrong. If you feel inspired to be involved in such photoshoots, just make sure you know what you are dealing with, unless you truly believe that you can handle any mishaps by channeling your inner Lara Croft.

Source: Kotaku

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