L.A Noire Starts Off Its Debut On Switch With Major Storage Issues

By Nicolas See Tho on Nov 3, 2017

L.A Noire is coming to the Nintendo Switch in a few days and already fans are getting some bad news. The game itself will take up almost 29GB of storage and that by itself has surpassed the internal capacity of the Nintendo Switch. This means that if you want to play L.A Noire on the Switch, you would need to get an SD card big enough to hold the game. 

Image result for LA Noire switch
Image result for LA Noire switch

The Switch comes with a default 32GB internal memory but it has allocated 6.2 GB of that to system usage which leaves many wanting more. even if you buy the cartridge version, the game would require a 14GB day one update which renders your Switch pretty much into a single game device. This patch includes required game data as well as bug fixes and improvements. 

L.A Noire marks the first time Rockstar has published a game on the Nintendo platform. 

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