Korea Reigns Supreme As World’s First Arena Of Valor World Cup Champions

By Dale Bashir on Jul 31, 2018

South Korea has always been no slouch when it comes to eSports, now the nation can proudly say they have another great eSports title under their belt. The Arena Of Valor World Cup went off with a bang last weekend, as the finals came to a close with a decisive battle between Team Korea and Team Thailand.

While the battle was tough, with Team Korea facing an uphill battle against the Cup favourites Team Thailand, and what a match it was. It was a tough best-of-7 battle, ultimately it came down with a 4-3 win to Korea. Team Korea, comprised of Chaser, Rush, Hak, Sun, JJak, and their coach Rn, brought home the grand prize of USD $200,000 and will forever be known as the first ever Arena Of Valor World Cup Champions.

Team Thailand as the first runner-ups didn’t go home empty handed either. At second place, they brought home USD $100,000 in prize money, and their reputations forever bolstered by the feats they accomplished in this World Cup. They are truly the team to watch in the next Arena Of Valor World Cup.

Rush from Team Korea was also crowned Most Valuable Player in the overall tournament, showing fierce tenacity and good teamwork. Other achievements for the World Cup includes the fact that over 300,000 people tuned in for the finals on July 29th, a testament on the popularity of this mobile MOBA and eSports as a whole.

If you’re a player in South East Asia and are inspired by the multitude of teams that came from the region this World Cup, fret not as a new AOV tournament is coming to us soon. Announced as the finals came to a close, the all-new Arena Of Valor International Championship will take place in South East Asia sometime in the Winter of 2018. We here at Gamehubs will definitely keep you updated as the Championship draws near so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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