Konami Creeps Us Out With Their Latest Bomberman Character

By Dale Bashir on Nov 16, 2017

Super Bomberman R has been a tremendous success on the Switch and has been a great return to the franchise's roots as it celebrates 33 years of Bomberman. And yet, none of those 33 years could have possibly prepared anyone, for the reveal of one of the creepiest Bomberman character to grace the mazes within. Look below if you dare.

Truly the stuff of nightmares, the Bubble Head of Silent Hill 2 will be a playable character in Super Bomberman R's next update, and she is truly terrifying. While the original sent chills down your spine whenever it appeared, seeing its head put into the usual Bomberman style helmet with the red ball on top, really makes it way creepier than anything Silent Hill will throw at you. Complete with a straw to replace its usual pipe and tattered nurse outfit, if ever I see this abomination running down towards, I'll be sure to bomb myself instead.

Besides the Bubble Head Bomber, a whole roster of Konami characters will be taking center stage in the new update, including Dracula himself from Castlevania, joining his nemesis Simon Belmont that was added in the last big update, Jehuty and Anubis from Zone of the Enders, Reiko from Rumble Roses, and Princess Tomato from the cult-classic NES adventure title, Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom.

The Version 2.0 update also comes with an all-new online Grand Prix mode that was shown off in this year's TGS, Crystal and Basic Bomber modes and many more. Download the update to enjoy the 10 new characters and the all-new modes. Just stay clear of Bubble Head.

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