Jikkyou Janjan Stadium is Shonen Jump Meets Super Smash Bros On Mobile

By Dale Bashir on Jul 17, 2018

With Shonen Jump’s 50th anniversary going on this year, they are celebrating in a massive way. Not only is their all-new 3D fighting game, Jump Force, shown off this year, an all-new party fighting game is also coming to mobile this year.

Titled Weekly Shonen Jump: Jikkyou Janjan Stadium, this game has up to 4 famous Shonen Jump characters fighting on platforms, punching and kicking to strike their opponents off-stage. Basically, Smash Bros with manga characters on mobile.

Instead of the hyper-realistic aesthetic of Jump Force, the art style of Jikkyou Janjan Stadium is more akin to Bomberman’s chibi aesthetic. With characters having a unified art style of big heads, no mouths, and round balls for fists. Yet, each and every character is immediately identifiable, which lends credence to how iconic these Jump characters are.

While the history of Jump stretches from 1968, characters represented are from famous 1980s manga until the mangas of today. The game shows off 39 fighters from 39 of Jump’s best manga from across history. Obvious inclusions like Son Goku, Luffy, and Naruto are definitely here, along with more obscure characters like Cobra, Arale from Doctor Slump, and Bo-bobo. More fighters will definitely be released along the way.

Fans of Shonen Jump would know that this isn’t the first time they dabbled in this genre, with the Jump Super Star series being on the DS. Malaysian gamers would definitely relate this to another crossover game, Battle Stadium D.O.N, a crossover party game involving characters from Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Naruto that was released on PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube.

Weekly Shonen Jump: Jikkyou Janjan Stadium is set to be released in 2018 for IOS and Android for Japan. Hopefully, an English release will be announced as well.

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