Japanese AR Phenomenon HADO Holding Their Second World Cup

By Dale Bashir on Oct 11, 2017

Japan's premier mix of augmented and virtual reality line of games known as HADO by Meleap is holding their Second World Cup this year on the 3rd of December at the Star Rise Tower in Tokyo.

The game in question is an eclectic mix of dodgeball and firing energy balls like in Dragonball with teams of three occupying each side of the court to eliminate each member of the other team. Each player can also make energy shields to protect themselves and their team-mates.

The game involves a lot of teamwork, quick reflexes, and precise aiming. It also helps if you cup your hands like Ryu, as seen by the promotional material, its no coincidence that HADO brings to mind Ryu's signature Hadouken.

The game has also been described by the developers as not an eSport, but a "Techno Sport" as it still requires human reflexes and input while maintaining a virtual interface.  The developers also hope that by 2020 they can launch the world's "Techno Sports Olympics" and make it a world-renowned sport.

The playoffs for the upcoming World Cup has been going on this past year and 5 out of the 12 finalists have been chosen to duke it out on the virtual stage. Though it is a world cup, so far all 5 teams have been Japanese and hopefully, teams from other regions will join as well. The finals will be streamed on Facebook Live, so stay keep an eye out for this momentous occasion.

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