It's Cruiser skin, not a Sarkeesian skin

By Sacharrine on May 24, 2017

So, after responding to Polygon over its weird article criticizing CoD: WW2, I am now in the odd position of having to help defend Polygon.

Not for the first time, there’ve been some article titles that are purportedly from Polygon but they seem to cover some of the weirdest things… even for Polygon. I had found this one while researching the CoD: WW2 one. Which according to Redditors turns out to be false photoshopped title. And after some googling myself, yes, it is indeed a false.

The image on the left is the fake version that can be found on Reddit. The image on the right is Polygon's original article. 


If you’ve read the article from Polygon, you can sort of understand why it becomes so easy to make these sort of photoshops work. It’s actually not terribly far off from what Polygon would actually write and that’s why these photoshop spoofs are so believable. On one hand it is sort of amusing to see these things making people scratch their head and go: “Well, gee, that’s rather retarded sounding isn’t it?” On the other hand though, because these fake articles sometimes hit so close to home, it becomes rather deceptive really. Best thing to do? Go and google them. There really isn’t much choice anymore since nowadays you can’t actually trust whatever it is that’s coming from any social media nowadays. And that is really the most annoying bit; not having any form of trustworthy news source anymore.

To bring us back on track, this is the new fake “Polygon article” that’s floating around and it really is a piece of work.

It does catch your eye, especially if you are aware of who Sarkeesian is. Not helping is the fact that is wearing a plaid shirt and has huge ear rings, just like Sarkeesian. 


Fortunately, for anyone who’s already aware of Overwatch’s anniversary skins, you’d realize that this is in fact D.Va’s new “Cruiser” skin and not a homage to a strident critic of Overwatch's. It is however, interesting to note that Polygon is very supportive of Anita Sarkeesian’s work in general. So, perhaps it wouldn’t be much of a surprise that people on social media might actually consider the photoshop as real news. Having checked around, I can assure you that so far, the skin isn’t any form of tribute. D.Va’s cruiser skin is actually a tribute to America’s Rockabilly era in the 50’s. Think big lumbering Cadillacs, greased hair, roadside diners and a lot of Elvis music.

For those who want to know who Anita Sarkeesian is, she is a very well-known feminist who runs a Youtube channel and website called ‘Feminist Frequency’ where she is known for the series called ‘Tropes vs Women’. Anyway, you can also read all about the latest Overwatch update over here.


As it turns out, it isn't even the right writer when news of the skins first broke anyway....

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