Interview with Team Saiyan, our Malaysian champions and representative for Mobile Legends

By Kurtis Chan on Aug 8, 2017

Gamehubs recently landed an interview with Team Saiyan, a Malaysian Mobile Legends team that won the Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup Malaysia Qualifiers and will be representing Malaysia in the MSC 5 Nations main event to fight for bragging rights as the best Mobile Legends team in SEA region. Check out what they think about Mobile Legends and the future of the game.

Gamehubs: Hello Team Saiyan, congratulations on winning the Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) Malaysia Qualifiers!

Team Saiyan: Thank you!

Gamehubs: Can the players give a short introduction about themselves?

Team Saiyan: Starting with the leader, Hawkeye which is the tank/mage player, Fredo our ADC, Kuja and H4ngus as the assassin, Rush as fighter and 2ez4jep as tank/mage. We have been playing together as a full team for about 4 months. The core members are initially Rush, Hawkeye, H4ngus and Fredo. Later Kuja and 2ez4jep were recruited.

Gamehubs: Wow! Such an achievement in just 4 months and you guys will be representing Malaysia in the MSC 2017 Main Event. How's the team coming along? Is everyone getting along well?

Team Saiyan: After many hours of training together, I would say we are communicating better in-game. Some of us met each other for the first time during the MSC, but we are getting along very well.

Gamehubs: How do you guys feel after winning the MSC Malaysia Qualifiers finals?

Team Saiyan: It was unbelievable, especially after the epic finale where we managed to win with a 3-2 score in the best of 5 games. Our confidence is growing and we are happy to secure our first championship.

Gamehubs: Do you think that there is a legitimate meta for Mobile Legends or do you guys go for comfort picks?

Team Saiyan: As for the current meta, everyone is trying to ban either Karrie or Hayabusa since they can cause lots of trouble in the late game. However, we are more focused on counter-drafting, as there are other troublesome heroes as well such as Fanny. So most of the time, our picks will be drafted mainly to counter opponent's picks.

Gamehubs: Aurora and Karrie were rather a key component to your win in the finals against MYA, do you think they're strong in competitive play as of now?

Team Saiyan: Aurora's freeze passive plays a massive role in team fights, be it to initiate or to provide burst damage. Karrie is definitely dominating the current meta, but for these two heroes, positioning is the key. They are definitely strong but at the same time they are 'squishy' and could be shut down easily with wrong positioning.

Gamehubs: If I'm not mistaken, you guys are the only team that picked Johnson in the tournament right?

Team Saiyan: Yup, that's true. We are also the only team that picked Lapu Lapu.

Gamehubs: I see. So any reasons why you guys decided to go with these two picks?

Team Saiyan: We did prepare ourselves with several possible drafts, and Johnson happens to be one of our captain's favorite hero. In fact, Hawkeye is amongst top global Johnson users. His mobility as you can see help us to gank or defend all over the map. For Lapu Lapu, Rush has been training with that hero for quite some time. Most players did not realize this, but with perfect execution, Lapu Lapu could deal insane burst damage.

Gamehubs: Do any of you play PC MOBAs like Dota 2 or League of Legends before playing Mobile Legends?

Team Saiyan: Yes, Hawkeye, Kuja and 2ez4jep do have some experience in Dota 2 before playing Mobile Legends. For Rush and H4ngus, this is their first time playing MOBA game but they have shown great adaptability even though they have never played any MOBA before Mobile Legends.

Gamehubs: For Hawkeye, Kuja, and 2ez4jep, in what ways is Dota 2 different compared to Mobile Legends? Except for changing from playing with keyboard and mouse to your thumbs.

Team Saiyan: The basic is the same, but for us, the main difference is the importance of support role.

Gamehubs: How is it different for the support role?

Team Saiyan: In Dota 2, support plays a major role but in Mobile Legends, we can rarely see supports in the picks. Maybe it's because there is still a limited choice of support hero to pick from. As for the current picks, the most professional draft will consist only one support or none at all, which is why we hope in the future, the developer will produce more support hero to bring a more balanced meta.

Gamehubs: Now that Team Saiyan will be representing Malaysia in the MSC 5 Nations Main Event, how well do you think the team will do?

Team Saiyan: Well, to be honest, it will not be an easy route since we have played against some of other country's representative such as SAINTS and IDNS. We know what they are capable of but we are confident with the versatility of our draft. We hope we can maintain the consistency and play at the highest level in MSC 5 Nations.

Gamehubs: Do you think Team Saiyan will be crowned as champions of MSC?

Team Saiyan: Finger crossed, let's hope it will become a reality. Nothing is impossible as long as we keep our composure and avoid making mistakes. We will be holding on to our mantra. ACHIEVE.BELIEVE.CONQUER!

Gamehubs: Humble yet confident, nice! Since MSC is the first huge tournament organized by Moonton, is there anything that you wished could have been done better by them? Or could be done better?

Team Saiyan: As we all know, there were some technical issues during those 2 days which cause the matches to be paused several times. The delays between pauses might affect players in a negative way. We hope that these issues could be avoided in the future. Other than that, the organizer had done a good job and we are satisfied with the hospitality provided by them.

Gamehubs: Do you think Mobile Legends will make it big and become a legitimate e-Sports title in the future?

Team Saiyan: As long as the developer maintains with these championships and tournaments, we believe Mobile Legends can be the pioneer as a legitimate mobile e-Sports title. If they managed to promote Mobile Legends outside of SEA region, Mobile Legends can definitely be as big as Dota 2.

Gamehubs: Last question before we end this interview. Any advice for Mobile Legends players who wants to turn pro or just to be good at the game? And anything you guys want to say to your fans?

Team Saiyan: To be good, you have to cooperate and don't be selfish. Try to play various roles and after you have mastered the basics, find a good team to play along and help you in ranked play. To SAIYANS, thanks for supporting us even from the day when we were originally named TRAITOR (previous squad name). Keep supporting us on our route to becoming the MSC 5 nations champion. Remember to ACHIEVE,BELIEVE,CONQUER!

Gamehubs: Well said! Thank you for taking your time off to do this interview with us. Good luck in the MSC 5 Nations Main Event!

Team Saiyan: Thank you very much!

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