Injustice 2 Open Beta Making Rounds On PCs, Full Release on November 14

By Dale Bashir on Nov 8, 2017

Steam and Windows 10 users rejoice, the Injustice 2 open beta is here for all to enjoy. NetherRealm Studio's sequel to their hit DC comics based brawler has been on consoles since May of this year and is now proving new ground this November.

The original Injustice: Gods Among Us was released back in April 2013, its story of an alternate universe where Superman turns evil and faces off against Batman's Insurgency from another universe resonated with DC comic fans and captivated fighting games fans with its Mortal Kombat-based fighting engine. Injustice 2 ups the ante with more heroes and villains from across different alternate universes and adds a new Gear system that allows for all kinds of customizing between players, changing the metagame with an RPG twist.

After the open beta, the full game will be released on November 14th on Steam and Windows 10 store, just in time for the brand new DLC character, Hellboy, to make his debut. So check it out while you can, it is definitely a fighting game for the ages. Download it right now, right here.

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