If you need a reason to play Lucioball in Overwatch, here is one for you

By Kurtis Chan on Aug 4, 2017

Most Overwatch players should know that Lucioball is making a comeback to Overwatch alongside the Summer Games event. Some people have been waiting for the return of the brawl for one whole year and some have never played it once as they are new players or they did not fancy the game mode at all. However, Blizzard is now giving players a reason to play the game mode and it's more than just loot box and experience points.

Competitive Lucioball will grant players SR, if you win the game of course. However, the amount gained will be less than winning a standard competitive match since the time spent in Lucioball is significantly shorter. "The amount will be different, though, as games are shorter than traditional Competitive Play gamemodes," Overwatch tweeted.

As reported in our previous post, a lot of things have changed and improvements were made since it was first released. There will be a new Sydney based map, or stadium, in addition to the original Estadio das Ras. Furthermore, the way Lucio's ultimate work is totally different from last year. Instead of pulling the ball towards you, using sound barrier will turn you into Super Lucio, where his movement speed and boop speed both increases.

Lucioball and the Summer Games will be coming to Overwatch in a few days on August 8. Besides Lucioball, there are more than 40 new items as well as previous Summer Games cosmetics, which can be unlocked with just 1000 currency instead of 3000. Mark your calendars, set your reminders, and be the first one to dominate the field with your footy skills.


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