If you are a masochist, the new No Man's Sky expansion "Atlas Rises" will be launching later this week for free

By Nicolas See Tho on Aug 9, 2017

Month's ago, Hello Games released mysterious tapes to Reddit mods which gave them hints on their next update. Lovingly called ARG shenanigans, it seems the veil has finally been lifted and Hello Games has announced that their latest update to the game " Atlas Rises" will be free for players later this week.

According to the email announcement to players, Atlas Rises will focus on improving the central story for No Man's Sky and it adds the "new" quick travel feature between portals. As to what else the update aims to provide, Hello Games have not revealed anything yet, I guess we just have to wait for the update to go live to find out. Ugh, does this mean we have to download No Man's Sky again?

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