ICYMI: You Can Play As Superman In Arena of Valor

By Yue Lynn on Apr 17, 2018

One of DC Comics’ most iconic superheroes has landed in Arena of Valor! In the game, Superman falls under the Warrior class with powerful control and burst.

To play as Superman, players can unlock him via the following methods:

Additionally, in terms of cosmetics, the Man of Steel has two skins in the game.

Justice Lord skin

Original skin

Regarded by many as ‘overpowered’ and like his namesake, Superman does indeed possess super abilities, dealing heavy damage with his Kryptonian strength. One of the perks of playing him is that as long you keep on moving, his Flight mode is instantly activated which allows him to move more quickly.  Also, if you use Kryptonian Strength while Superman’s in Flight mode, you can deal large damages onto your enemies.

Superman is the latest DC hero to land in Arena of Valor’s world, following Batman, Wonder Woman and The Joker.

So, have any of you acquired Superman already?

Learn more about Arena of Valor’s Superman by clicking here and here.

All images are courtesy of Arena of Valor.

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