ICYMI: Trading Has FINALLY Come To Pokemon GO!

By Jasmin on Jun 29, 2018

Summer has just arrived and Pokemon Go has a LOT for us who’ve stuck around (and those who’ve just come back!). Here’s a quick recap on what has arrived and what will be arriving soon, along with a few tips to boot!

Available Now!

Regice Slides Into Legendary Raids

The first of the legendary Golems (aka the Regi-trio) has graced our gyms so be prepared for bone-chilling battles with Regice! This Pokemon is incredibly tanky, so make sure you gather your best Fighting, Rock, Steel and Fire-type Pokemon and make sure you gather your friends or plan with your local group before taking it head on.

Adding it to your team will make defeating Dragon-types a breeze. Gym defending Dragonites and Salamances stand no chance against the mighty Regice.

For more info on Regice and which Pokemon are the best counters, visit Pokemon Go Hub.

Trainer Friendship!

One of the newest mechanics to be added to Pokemon Go is Friendship! Adding friends will grant you access to Trading and Gifting features and if you level up your Friendship, you’ll gain special bonuses when raiding or taking down Gyms.

I highly recommend not opening Gifts until you have Egg space as each Gift has a chance of granting special 7km Eggs that will give you various Kanto Pokemon in their Alolan forms! So if you were saving your special incubators, now is the time to use them!

Here’s a video from Youtuber Nick Oyzon aka Trainer Tips for...tips on how to maximize friendship building:

Pokemon Trading!

Trainers from all over have been demanding a trading system since day one. And after years of waiting, we finally have it. Trading can only be done with ‘Friends’ and require each Trainer to be within 100m of each other, with the use of varying levels of Stardust.

Legendaries, Regionals and Shinies are the most expensive of the trades, each costing a million Stardust each and as they are considered “Special Trades”, they can only be done once a day. Stardust costs will reduce depending on the Friendship level you have with the Trainer you’re trading with, so take your time and build it up. Also note that each traded Pokemon’s CP and IVs will change once traded, so don’t your friend’s perfect Tyranitar staying perfect. You can tell that Niantic put a lot of thought into trying to prevent spoofers from gaining the upper hand, and I’m all for it.

Coming Soon...

Pokemon GO Safari Zone, Dortmund!

This weekend will hold the first Safari Zone of the year, held in Dortmund, Germany. Not in Dortmund? Don’t worry! Trainers around the world will be able to participate in an in-game event called Professor Willow’s Global Challenge, where each region that completes 5,000,000 Research Tasks will unlock XP bonuses and hour-long Lucky Eggs! If all regions are successful in completing the total 15,100,000 Research Tasks, a bonus reward will be unlocked July 7th!

Starting from 4PM Saturday, June 30th (GMT+8), get out and complete those Tasks, Trainers!

July’s Community Day Features… Squirtle!

Next Sunday, July 8th will be another Community Day featuring my favourite Kanto starter: Squirtle! This Community Day’s bonuses will be ¼ egg distances (so save your Alolan eggs and super incubators!) and 3-hour long lures. As usual, each featured Pokemon’s final evolution with feature an exclusive move that will only be obtainable in the three hour window. This time, each Blastoise evolved in that time window will (allegedly) know Hydro Pump.

More information on Community Day can be found here.

Kanto-centered Research Tasks!

July is the month of Kanto!

Starting July 2nd at 4AM (GMT+8), a brand-new set of Research Tasks will be available in-game which will focus on Gen 1 Pokemon. “Encounter” Research rewards will feature Kanto Pokemon like Pikachu (which has Shinies in-game!) and Ditto (good for those who haven’t completed their Special Research tasks) amongst others. Collecting enough stamps for a Research Breakthrough will grant Trainers the opportunity to catch a Snorlax with the Legacy move: Body Slam! This move has been out of circulation for a while and a Body Slam Snorlax will once again make Snorlax a mighty Gym defender!

Pokemon GO Fest!

July 6th will mark Pokemon GO’s second anniversary and in celebration, the 2nd Annual Pokemon Go Fest will be held July 14th and 15th once again in Chicago, USA!

Once again, Trainers who aren’t able to attend GO Fest won’t miss out (much...we would still love to have Unown events too, Niantic) as Trainers all over the world can once again participate in Professor Willow’s Global Challenge. This time, each region will unlock different bonuses like extra Candies, Rare Candies and shorter Egg distances. Completing the 15, 100,000 Tasks will also grant another Bonus Reward that will be unlocked July 21st.

Which event are you most looking forward to, Trainer? Let us know in the comments down below and don’t forget to follow us over on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube for more gaming related goodness!

All images courtesy of Niantic Inc.

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