ICYMI: The Majestic Kulve Taroth Is Here In Monster Hunter: World

By Yue Lynn on Apr 20, 2018

Listen up hunters, there’s a new Elder Dragon for you hunt and that beast is none other than Kulve Taroth and his majestic golden mantle! You read that right as the Siege of Kulve Taroth is the latest special limited time event (18th April-3rd April 2018) for Monster Hunter: World.

Teamwork is an important element for this particular event as Siege requires the cooperation of all hunters in the same Gathering Hub (which can house up to 16 hunters). According to the event’s official announcement, each hunting party will split off into groups of up to four hunters each, but will be working together to investigate and hunt down the same Kulve Taroth.

There’s more:

“As each hunting party collects more tracks and breaks off more parts from attacking Kulve Taroth, they’ll contribute progress to the same Siege. This new quest type is designed and balanced for multiplayer, so call up your Squadmates, or join up a dedicated Kulve Taroth lobby, and make sure to coordinate with other hunters if you want to earn the best rewards.

“The primary goal of this Siege is to repel Kulve Taroth, but its shimmering golden mantle happens to be a collection of shiny weapon relics it has gathered along its journey through the New World. We don’t have much information on when and where Kulve Taroth has amassed all these relics, so the nature and quality of these weapons (read: type and stats) are entirely up to fate.” So mysterious, much unknown…

Unknown weapons aside, here are some equipment info for you to know instead:

Kulve Taroth α armour set

Kulve Taroth β armour set

Palico: Kulve Taroth Set α

You can get some the cool armour sets above by paying The Smithy a visit after your ‘action-filled meeting’ with Kulve Taroth. Additionally, hunters get to cover new grounds in this event: The Caverns of El Dorado, the nesting ground of Kulve Taroth.

Indeed, a place fit for a great beast.

So, any of you be joining the hunt for Kulve Taroth?

Learn more about the updates by clicking here and here.

Images are courtesy of Capcom.

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