ICYMI: Sega Reveals The Mega Drive Mini

By Yue Lynn on Apr 17, 2018

Image Credit: Sega
Image Credit: Sega

In conjunction with its console’s upcoming 30th anniversary, Sega announced its own mini “classic edition” of Mega Drive, known as “Mega Drive Mini”. According to Polygon, this wee little console will be released in Japan this year, with “the US and other territories later this year”.

Image Credit: Sega
Image Credit: Sega

Oddly, Sega did not provide any more info on the Mega Drive Mini, keeping many in the dark. According to numerous gaming news sites, it seems AtGames will be powering the console with their technology. However Nintendo Life reported that AtGames had deleted its tweet that confirmed its involvement with the Mega Drive Mini. Even said company’s Facebook post regarding the Mega Drive Mini was also deleted.

On the other hand, Sega confirmed that it will be bringing at least 15 games, including Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star, and Thunder Force 4, to Nintendo Switch later this summer, as reported by Polygon.

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