ICYMI: Pokémon GO has some legendary events up its sleeve

By Jasmin on Apr 3, 2018

If you’re like me and you’ve still been playing Pokémon GO everyday even when everyone around you has stopped, then you would already know what I’m about to say. As for the rest of you...hold on to your hats because holy cow have there been some epic news.


April’s Community Day star is… Mareep!

Niantic has been holding monthly Community Days since the start of the year where there will be a massively increased spawn of a single Pokémon for 3 hours every month. Pikachu, Dratini and Bulbasaur have had their time to shine, literally too as each month’s spotlight Pokémon will also have their shiny variant released in-game on the day itself. Each month, the featured Pokémon will also have a special move attached to them or their evolution, only unlockable when it is catched or evolved during the event itself and some special event bonuses like extra XP or 3-hour lures.

This month features everyone’s favourite electric sheep: Mareep! While the special move for Ampharos hasn’t been officially announced yet, Community Day bonuses include the usual 3-hour long lures and a brand-new bonus: eggs will hatch at quarter of its usual distance - 10km eggs will only take 2.5km to hatch, 5km eggs will take 1.25km and 1km eggs 0.25 km. So plan a trip to your local park on April 15th, trainers, you’re gonna need a nice view while you catch Mareep and hatch all those eggs!

If you were wondering what Mareep’s shiny variant looks like, here you go:

You’re welcome.


Pokémon’s "legendary year" continues with Latios and Latias raids

If you’re unfamilliar with Pokémon GO’s raid system, various Pokémon of different tiers will pop up at gyms and you’ll spend raid passes for the opportunity to battle and catch them. For the last 8 months, we have also had a special tier - the Legendary tier where certain Legendary Pokémon will appear as raid bosses for a limited time only. Two days ago ended the second round of Lugia raids with the chance to catch a shiny variant to entice players since it has been a raid boss before (it was actually the first ever Legendary raid boss).

Until May 8th, the Legendary spotlight shines on Latias who will only be available in Europe and the Asia-Pacific where it will then switch places with Latios who will stick around in our side of the world until June 5th. While you wait for that Legendary egg to hatch…


Conduct Important Pokémon Research to find… Mew!?

I’ve saved the best news for last. Questing aka “conducting Pokémon research” is now a thing to do in Pokémon GO! There are two kinds of Research: “Field” and “Special” Research.

Field Research is gathered by spinning Pokéstops and will vary between catching specific Pokémon to engaging in a number or gym battles to nailing 5 ‘Great’ curveball throws in a row! Completing this will earn you a daily stamp but you are able to continuously finish as many as you like because you will still be rewarded with special spawns, items and stardust. Collect 7 stamps and you’ll achieve greater rewards or even the chance to catch a Legendary Pokémon in the wild!

Special Research is given by Professor Willow himself. Remember him? He’s gone away for a while now hasn’t he? Well he’s back with a very important task for you: find the Mythical Pokémon Mew! There are 7 parts of 3 quests of varying difficulty that you will have to complete although there are 8 parts in total. The 8th is simple… Catch that Mew!


So, what are you waiting for? Get up and GO!

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All images with credit to Niantic and Thunderwest on DeviantArt for the shiny Mareep.

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