ICYMI: Bloodborne Developer FromSoftware Reveals Three Upcoming Games During E3

By Yue Lynn on Jun 22, 2018

During the annual E3 event, FromSoftware exceeded fans’ expectations in both good and bad ways. The bad news is that there aren’t any signs to suggest new content or a sequel tease for Bloodborne. The good news is that fans and gamers will be getting three upcoming titles from the developer. Two of these releases are new while the other one is an old title.

Metal Wolf Chaos XD

Way back in 2004, Metal Wolf Chaos is an Xbox-exclusive title released only in Japan. Now, thanks to a three-way partnership between General Arcade, Devolver Digital and FromSoftware,  this game has been given a new lease of life. The new version of the game is called Metal Wolf Chaos XD and it will be released worldwide later this year for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox. The feel (including voiceovers) and difficulty of the original game will remain untouched for the newer version though XD will possess improved visual quality, polished controls and gameplay in addition to a brand new save system among other upgrades.

In this shooter, players play as an American president who faces a coup d'etat led by his vice-president. To take back control of his own country, players will don a giant advanced mech suit and squash the rebellion to pieces (read: chaos).


The game’s official plot description details that players will play “as an unseen faerie in a secluded boarding school where the player moves around in frozen time, collecting various bits of information that serve to unfold an overarching mystery.”

Image Credit: PlayStation
Image Credit: PlayStation

Bloodborne and Dark Souls creator, Hidetaka Miyazaki is working together with Sony Interactive Entertainment, SIE Japan Studio and FromSoftware to make this PSVR adventure tale, which will be released later this year. Déraciné won’t follow the ‘infinite doom and gloom ala Bloodborne’ theme as Miyazaki (who’s also FromSoftware’s president) had revealed that the game will contain some “joy and happiness”. Miyazaki optimistically said that these pleasant feelings will be evoked when players (as the unseen faerie) forge a bond with the children from the boarding school as they progress through this PS-exclusive game.

Image Credit: PlayStation
Image Credit: PlayStation

That being said, Miyazaki’s trademark touch will still be evident in this game as Déraciné will incorporate the “fragmented storytelling approach”. Miyazaki acknowledged this type of storytelling was something he really liked and believed that it was “rooted in my own life experience”. For those who are unfamiliar, fragmented storytelling is a narrative that’s jumbled up, thus challenging readers to make sense of the plot by piecing together different components of the story. This narrative approach was one of the main reasons behind Bloodborne’s appeal among fans; players decode its haunting lore layer by layer as they progress through the game by reading object descriptions, dialogue interactions etc.

Read Hidetaka Miyazaki’s interview regarding Déraciné here.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Set in the closing years of the Sengoku period, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice depicts a withered, yet vivid world spawned from a reinterpretation of Japanese-inspired aesthetic, where the battle unfolds for a solitary ninja, bound by the code.

Image Credit: FromSoftware
Image Credit: FromSoftware

With this Japanese-themed backdrop, a ninja by the name of Sekiro had been defeated and lost his arm. On top of all the misery that had befallen him, Sekiro is also looking for his kidnapped master, “The Young Lord”. According to PlayStation LifeStyle, this particular mysterious quest will put our titular protagonist on a collision course with an evil force called the Rival.

Image Credit: FromSoftware/Activision
Image Credit: FromSoftware/Activision

In place of his missing arm is a sleek prosthetic that would soon prove to be a bane for his enemies with its various capabilities, tricks and tools. Speaking of tools, this prosthetic has a grappling hook that players can use to their advantage for travelling and fighting purposes. Yes, verticality will be in play.

Co-developed between FromSoftware and Activision and scheduled for a 2019 release date (available for PC, Xbox and PlayStation 4), Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a single-player action-adventure title with no multiplayer. Similar to the Soulsborne titles, it will be a brutal game with zero difficulty options.

Image Credit: FromSoftware/Activision
Image Credit: FromSoftware/Activision

One of the much-talked about features from this game is the presence of an immediate resurrection mechanic. When Sekiro dies in the game, he’s instantly ‘resurrected’ at the place where he died. Due to this interesting element, FromSoftware noted that “you can use death to your advantage--fooling your enemies into a false sense of security before coming back to life and sneaking up on them using the game's light stealth mechanics”, as reported by GameSpot. Other than that tidbit of info, FromSoftware is keeping their mouth tight-lipped with regards to this peculiar mechanic. Oh well.

While FromSoftware seems to be paving a way towards a fresh new direction with Déraciné and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Miyazaki assured that the company is merely taking a break from their Soulsborne series so that’s a relief!

On that note,  what are your feelings about these three FromSoftware games? Hyped up or mildly disappointed?

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