ICYMI: Beat Saber is now in Early Access!

By Jasmin on May 2, 2018

Beat Saber was one of those games that took social media by storm and since then it has gained quite the following. It is basically a rhythm game (like Guitar Hero or Rhythm Doctor) but instead of pressing buttons, you use two ‘lightsabers’ to hit the beats in a number of directions. The game is entirely in VR so you would definitely need either the Oculus Rift or HTC VIVE before jumping into the action, though hopefully CLOVR can support it too!

How does it play, you ask? This is how:

The demand for the game was so grand that developers Hyperbolic Magnetism has put it up on Early Access on Steam! This means that while the full game isn’t currently available, people can experience it for themselves with an “arcade mode” that includes songs and levels for casuals or the competitive players who want to gain a seat at the high score table.

As to why the creators decided to release the game early, Hyperbolic Magnetism said that they want to hear from the community and allow them to help in the developmental process. They had also stated that anyone is welcome to contribute to the development of the game by engaging in discussions and commenting on the game’s difficulty, report any bugs or issues and could even suggest ideas for new game content.

If you’re interested in trying out the game for yourself, it is currently priced at RM39 on Steam.

UPDATE: If you're really interested to play the game but a) don't have the money and/or b) don't have a VR set, it is now available to play at VR Lab Publika (reservation required!).

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