I Miss: Digimon World (PlayStation 1)

By David Tan on Apr 8, 2017

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Ever since Pokemon dominated everyone’s childhood, the concept of collecting monsters became children’s wildest dream. While owning monster pets in real life is still in the process of coming true, we all got our fixes (digitally) through video games, hence the hours and hours spent on Gameboys and DS to this date. A contender that later found a foot for itself naturally appeared, wanting a piece of that trendy pie. Digimon, short for Digital Monster, spawned into our world aiming to appeal those who were missing out, or better, to steal away attention from the trainers. Today, we will be reminiscing a Digimon title that had struck several emotional strings of our young hearts. The very first Digimon World, for the PlayStation 1.

Play the soundtrack in another tab, the Day and Night File City tune guarantees a soul soothing experience.

Intro Scene


Source : digimonjapan.blogspot.my
Source : digimonjapan.blogspot.my

The plot of Digimon World was based on these little devices called Digimon Virtual Pets (V-Pets), and it was no mere coincidence given how popular the palm-sized device was back then. The intro of the game shows the player’s avatar rendezvous with a group of kids who are battling with their virtual pets in the playground, just like how we used to meet up in the past. With awe, he witnesses a battle between MetalGreymon and MetalMamemon, foreshadowing what the game has in store for us. The scene then transitions into a full-scale 3D battle sequence among the two Digimon, indicating how the battle looks like in an imaginative mind of a young child.

Follow up after key in of your name, your preferred time period (Day or Night) and your Digimon’s name, another cutscene plays. We follow our player avatar back home before sunset. Realizing his parent’s will be home late, the scene gives us a little gloomy touch, yet it seems like a common event in this household. Suddenly, a beeping noise came from the V-Pets in his room interrupts his attention. Upon contact with his device, a talking Koromon babbles a bit, confusing our young hero. A surprise shockwave then touches the kid, leading to his body digitized and pulled in by the device. The Digimon World calls upon.

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