I challenge you to a duel! New Skyrim mods allows for duels with any NPC

By Dale Bashir on Aug 7, 2017

We all know an annoying NPC or two in Skyrim, whether it is a merchant in Winterhold or a Jarl of some sort, and whether we want to or not, attacking some NPCs will result in hostilities from other NPCs around you and even a night in prison by the guards of the town. Most times, trying to kill an NPC is not worth the trouble, unless it is through a duel. A duel negates all the consequences that come with ending a characters life as a duel is mutual and both parties agree to fight to the death. This is what modder Gobacc has done for all the NPCs in his new mod, Draw: A Dueling Mod.

"This mod adds (and unlocks automatically) a single shout to the player called Challenge. When all 3 words of the shout are used, the NPC in the player's crosshair is challenged to fair combat by the player. In order for the targeted NPC to accept the challenge, they must have a negative relationship with the player. Don't worry about that too much though because challenging someone to a duel hurts your relationship, naturally." Mod maker Gobacc describes on his post about the mod on nexusmods.com.

"Duels aren't without risk though. It is possible for either you or your combatant to kill the other accidentally if enough damage is dealt to a weakened foe. If you kill your opponent during the duel, there will not be any bounty or aggression because of it. It was fair combat, and people die in combat." No truer words can be spoken about combat as an NPC in Skyrim. 

If only this mod had come sooner, I would have loved to give Farengar Secret-Fire from Whiterun a piece of my mind without the guards booking me. But I digress, this is a great mod and players can now download it for the PC and XBox One versions of the game. 

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