Hyperplay 2018 Combines Music With Esports

By Yue Lynn on Apr 27, 2018

First, you have Asia Games Festival 2018. Then comes Hyperspace 2018 to do a follow-up on the hype for more regional gaming events! Touted as the ASEAN’s first ever League of Legends X Music festival, Hyperplay is presented by Singapore’s Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth and National Youth Council. The event, which will be held from 4th to 5th August 2018 will feature “10 Countries, 10 Teams and 4 Concerts”.

The LoL tournament and the four concerts will be sharing a single space and that’s none other than the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Currently, the artists’ lineup hasn’t been revealed yet but since it’s MTV, there are high expectations.

As for the esports section of the party, the following are the formats and schedules of Hyperplay’s LoL tournament:

National Qualifiers (19th May - 10th June 2018)

Group Stages (29th July - 30th July 2018)

Hyperplay Finals (4th August - 5th August 2018)

One of the best things of Hyperplay’s tournament is that the top 8 teams who participate in the National Qualifiers are confirmed to walk away with some prizes.

As for the tournament’s Grand Prize winner:

For teams who are interested and have an eye on the loot, you can click here and here to learn more and to register. For Malaysian teams, you can click here to register. Do note that the registration period is from 25th April to 11th May 2018. Additionally, Singapore’s National Qualifiers finals will be held at Asia Games Festival 2018 (9th - 10th June 2018).

Competition aside, would any of you be interested to attend Hyperplay for some fun times?

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