Hungry Shark World Console Game is Ubisoft’s Surprise Release

By Jasmin on Jul 17, 2018

In a surprise announcement by Ubisoft, shark omnom simulator Hungry Shark World will be coming to consoles tomorrow! Made by Ubisoft’s Future Games of London, the Hungry Shark series of games has players taking the reign of a very hungry shark and is tasked with eating everything in sight.

However, Hungry Shark World isn’t just a linear game about a shark rising to the top of the food chain. Starting off as a baby shark (doo doo, doodo), the more you eat, the bigger you’ll become. The game also has more than 250 unique missions while exploring 4 different worlds and fight boss battles ranging from giant squids to prehistoric predators. You can choose between 20 different sharks which are fully-customisable to boot!

Free-to-play mobile game Hungry Shark World has gotten over 500 million downloads on both iOS and Android. The console version has been specifically made for consoles, so it features optimised gamepad controls and advanced graphics, along with support for PlayStation Pro and Xbox One X so you’ll be able to experience your shark rampages in 4K too.

Hungry Shark World is available for free on the App Store and Play Store. It will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch for around US$10 (MYR40).

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