How to effectively farm Rice Cakes for the latest event in King's Raid

By Kurtis Chan on Oct 4, 2017

King's Raid latest event, Special Autumn Event is happening in conjunction with the mid-autumn festival. In order to obtain the juicy rewards, raiders have to clear stages that require stamina and collect Rice Cakes to exchange for prizes like Random Unique Weapon Ticket, Artifact Pieces x1000, Stones of Infinity, and more. However, farming for these Rice Cakes can be a pain in the arse due to its low drop rate. So, here is a guide on how to effectively hunt for Rice Cakes in King's Raid.

Before that, let's take a look at the event details so you know what you are collecting the Rice Cakes for.

Event details: Collect Rice Cakes and exchange them to various presents. You will get 1–5 Rice Cakes with a random rate by clearing stages that consume stamina. Normal dungeon quest will not guarantee that Rice Cakes will drop, but doing Dragon Raids will guarantee at least one Rice Cake after every successful run.

The Rice Cakes collected can be exchanged for:

  • 25 Rice Cakes – Autumn Gift Box (Unlimited Exchange)
  • 100 Rice Cakes – Intermediate Enchant Box (Can be exchanged max 10 times)
  • 300 Rice Cakes – Stone of Infinity x1 (Can be exchanged max 3 times)
  • 900 Rice Cakes – Artifact Piece x1000 (Can be exchanged once)
  • 900 Rice Cakes – Random Unique Weapon Ticket x1 (Can be exchanged once)


For more information on the prizes you can obtain from the Autumn Gift Box and Intermediate Enchant Box, head over to Vespa's post on King's Raid Offical Cafe at Plug.

The first and easiest way to earn Rice Cakes is by spending rubies. Every 10 rubies spend will grant you 1 Rice Cake. However, there is a cap of 1500 Rice Cakes that you can acquire with rubies (15,000 rubies total) and you cannot acquire rice cakes by spending rubies in:

  • Removing Runes
  • Reforge Equipment
  • Shop List Reset
  • Upper Dungeon Reset
  • Conquest Reset
  • Stockade Reset
  • Arena Reset
  • Crafting
  • Inventory Expansion

If you have been spending money in King's Raid or have extra rubies to spend, you can spend it to effortlessly acquire Rice Cakes.

The second way to do it is to clear dungeons and raids, obviously. There is a drop rate for Rice Cakes per run, which is 10% per 6 stamina used. Let's say you cleared 6-8 dungeon in hell mode, you would have used 24 stamina, which means you will have 40% drop rate for Rice Cakes.

For high-level players, surely there is nothing that can stop you from clearing dungeons in hell mode. There are several benefits in clearing hell mode, you have a chance to obtain Deluxe EXP Potions, all sorts of Essences, Runes, Ancient Rune Codex, and a high drop rate of Rice Cakes. The main locations to farm are at 1-8, 1-11 and 6-8, all in hell mode. 6-8 is ideal for Magic damage team as the Magic Defense of the mobs in chapter 6 are relatively lower compared to other maps. Another reason for choosing 6-8 is because all of the mobs there are Lizard type, where you can equip the 'Mask of Lizardman' to easily kill every mob that is in your way. IF you're short on Gold, just sell off all the orbs you get as orbs have a higher value compare to other equipment.

Chapter 1 maps take a little less time to clear than others as the normal ones only have two rounds and the boss maps have three, whereas chapter maps will have three rounds in normal and 4 rounds in boss maps. The reason why 1-8 and 1-11 were chosen out of so many dungeons is because both of these maps are filled with Goblins only and you can easily clear it with 'Mask of Goblin' equipped to your main DPS. The difference is that 1-8 only has two rounds whereas 1-11 has three rounds since it is a boss map and it gives more EXP to your heroes.

For lower level players who are unable to clear hell mode, you can still farm at the same dungeons mentioned above at hard mode. Here are some of the stats collected by my guild member:

  • 500 stamina - 21 cake - 1-1 hard
  • 500 stamina - 22 cake - 6-2 hard
  • 500 stamina - 24 cake - 6-5 hard
  • 500 stamina - 31 cake - 6-8 hard

Alternatively, dragon raid is also a viable option as it guarantees Rice Cake drops but the downside of it is that you have to play it instead of AFK farming.

The third one is a reset trick that you can exploit but you cannot AFK farm with it. The way to do it is to keep looking at your heroes for the first two rounds (assuming the dungeon you're in has three rounds), if your heroes did not pick up any Rice Cakes at the end of the second round, just pause the game and reset it. This trick is extremely useful for players who are low in stamina as resetting does not consume your stamina, but you will have to keep your eyes glued to the game to keep track on whether your heroes picked up at least one Rice Cake before round two.

The Special Autumn Event will last until 15th October 2017. Make sure to spend all of your hard-earned Rice Cakes before the event ends as all of it will disappear once the clock strikes 12am UTC+7 (1am SGT) on 16 October. Good luck in farming and make sure to worship and pray hard to RNGesus to bless your luck in this event!

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