How To Dress Up Your Cat Like A Palico From Monster Hunter: World

By Justin Chee on Feb 9, 2018

Monster Hunter: World is the biggest thing right now for PlayStation 4 gamers and Capcom have successfully delivered a package of shticks that had hit most of the right spots in gaming itself.

That satisfying rush of elemental explosions from your weapons down to the ability to customise your palico’s armor, they were all made to give us a complete gaming experience especially in dishing heavy damage to monsters or to pluck our heartstrings for the love of cats.

Speaking of cats, the Felynes are certainly the stars of Monster Hunter: World. These cat-like, bipedaled, humanoid creatures are sentient and shares the similar culture with the humans of the world and they are an extremely gifted race capable of contributing to the workforce and the society.

When a felyne takes up job as a monster hunter, it is known as a Palico. As a palico, they will follow their fellow human hunters out for quests and missions, aiding them in many beneficial ways such as healing and inflicting secondary damage to monsters.

But before you consider bringing your palico out for a hunt, they need their own set of equipment and weapons, much like any other human hunter. This can done by forging a set of equipment using monster parts. This is also one of the most exciting things to do in Monster Hunter: World as it gives your palico a huge boost in its adorable physicality.

Drawing inspiration from the palicoes and their loveable ‘costume’ sets, this too can be done in real life if you have your very own pet cat. While your cat will never join you in your hunting escapades in the same capacity as the palicoes, they can certainly put a smile on your face with these pet armors that can even be purchased online!

1. The Samurai Pet Armor

Lightweight, oriental and outright heroic, this armor will make any cat look like a shogun’s favourite courtier. The best part of this armor is it can be hanged or displayed when not in used, giving your space a cool yet unorthodox decor. Add a mini lightweight katana and it’s all set to hunt, some mice.

Shop here:  

2. Handcrafted Cat Battle Armor

A rack of dorsal fins, overlapping scales and metal rivets. It’s the most crafty one we’d found on the internet. Reminiscent of a medieval dragon-knight’s armor, your cat will be delighted to get all the attention without knowing why. Only caveat though, it’s pretty pricey due to its hand-made nature.

Shop here:

3. 3D-Printed Cat Armor 

This generic-ly named cat armor is well, a cat armor indeed. It features a linear series of armor plates that run right from the torso to the entire length of the tail and forged with a scorpion stinger for added defense. How apt of an armor. Good news is, you can print it if you have a 3D printer. Bad news is, you need a 3D printer.   

Print here:

4. Artistic Metalworks by Jeff de Boer

The cat armours designed by Jeff de Boer are the most ornate and museum-worthy of them all. If there’s one thing that is common among all of his armors, it’s made of metal. I am not exactly sure if they are lightweight enough for our pets’ practical usage but they look incredibly awesome, don’t you think? Make sure to check out his gallery for other A-meow-zing cat armours. Whether you can acquire them for yourself remains a question - or it would come with a price. 

Check them out here:


Have you encountered more cat armors on the internet or anywhere else? Drop us a line and we will keep this post updated. 




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