How Blade Runner 2049 Could Be An Amazing Game

By Nicolas See Tho on Oct 9, 2017

The past weekend was one to remember as most movie buffs got to experience the sequel to Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, "Blade Runner 2049". While it may not be a movie for just anyone, it has definitely been a trendsetter in the sci-fi genre, and when it comes to gaming, there is nothing more appealing than a dystopian future. So if Blade runner 2049 was made into a game, how would we envision it, will it be an RPG, or will it be a platformer. Which platform is best suited for this game that it won't mess up just like previous live movie game adaptations.

Image result for tyrell corporation
Image result for tyrell corporation

Before we can envision the type of game Blade Runner can be, we first need to take a broad look at its style and background. The original movie was depicted as a heavily dystopian world whereby industrialization has taken over most of the globe, and the economic displacements and political overtones are apparent in their societies daily life. During a certain point in their fictional future, the Tyrell Corporation has produced bioengineered humans called Replicants which were designed to handle dangerous tasks that normal humans can possibly do. this was later proven fatal as the Replicants rebelled and their production was halted. This led to the creation of bounty hunter like detectives called Blade Runners whose job was to eliminate any of the old replicant models, they call this " to retire them". 

Introducing Deckard, the main hero, whereby his journey will lead him into an existential crisis while he chased Roy, an ex-military replicant which delivered one of the craziest monologues in film history. Fast forward to the sequel, we see Ryan Gosling taking over Deckard's role whereby the action is paced slower but the mysteries continue to pile up. For those who have watched the latest movie, you probably know where we are going with this.

Instead of Han Solo, this would actually be Deckard
Instead of Han Solo, this would actually be Deckard

Coming back to how it can be made into an AAA title game, I believe their first iteration should definitely be an open world RPG concept whereby players can either create their characters and experience the world in all its dystopian glory while exploring the story starting from Deckard to Agent K, or We could have players just start out as Deckard from the get-go, recreating the paths that happened in the movie, with open world choices ala Mass Effect style whereby we can change the destiny of Deckard and perhaps answer the lifelong debate if Deckard is actually a replicant himself. Transitioning that would be the end of the first half of the game, leading towards the second part of the story whereby players will then play as Agent K, and continue from where the movie begins.

In Blade Runner, your choices would most likely make you more confused
In Blade Runner, your choices would most likely make you more confused

Another way we can go about with a good Blade Runner game would be to hope that Telltale games take over this series and create their episodic gameplay that they are renowned for. This would be better in a narrative sense if they can capture the many deep storyline branches and complex character relationships. One of the advantages of the Telltale story style is that fans of the Blade Runner series can keep true to the story while allowing room for some improvisations

Well there you have it game devs, Blade Runner 2049 has one of the most used genres in the book, and all it takes is just a simple thought process for you to come up with the gaming platform that will suit the game. 





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