Horror Game Hello Neighbor Creeps Up Onto IOS and Android

By Dale Bashir on Jul 4, 2018


Not a lot of horror games come to mind when thinking about games of this genre on smartphones. The closest thing that comes to mind would be Sarah Is Missing, the Malaysian viral hit that surprised everyone on the Internet. If you’re looking for a good scare on your phone, look no further than Hello Neighbor, coming this month on IOS and Android devices.

Developed by Dynamic Pixels and published by tinyBuild, who’re known for indie games like Clustertruck and Punch Club,Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game that has you play as a kid trying to break into your neighbour’s house to uncover his secret. In terms of creep factor, the movie Don’t Breathe kinda comes to mind, with kids breaking into a neighbour’s house, uncovering his secrets while the neighbour tries to kill them.

Don’t let the cartoony aesthetic fool you, the horror will creep slowly onto you as you play, kinda like how the neighbour creeps up on you while you’re trying to break into his house. The creep factor is actually accentuated with the adaptable AI they use for the game. The titular neighbour will adapt himself to your play style, allowing for unpredictable replays of the same level. This makes the neighbour feel like an actual person, not wanting anyone to find out his dark secret, and stalking you to make sure no one finds out.


Of course, that’s just the first Act. The first Act has you trying to break into the house and reach the basement to uncover the deep, dark secret. Act 2 and 3 amps up the scares and progresses the story. Kinda like in Stephen King’s IT, the player character will encounter the lingering neighbour in different points in life, and find out more about the neighbour’s backstory.


Hello Neighbor will be out on July 27th for IOS and Android. While it is also coming out on PS4 and Nintendo Switch that same day, the IOS and Android versions have Act 1 free for download. The next 2 chapters can then be bought through in-game purchases. You can pre-order Hello Neighbour on your IOS devices right now.

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