Holy Gaben - the Steam Summer Sale is happening this week?!

By Melvyn Tan on Jun 21, 2017


We’re more than midway through June now, and the GOG Summer Sale is coming to an end. These two tend to point to the coming of the Steam Summer Sale, the epic sale that, er, happens on Steam, in the Summer. Anyway, if you’ve been itching for Valve to give your wallet a good workout, you won’t have to worry much longer now, because the Summer Sale is apparently happening this week!

PayPal UK was the one to break the news on Twitter. “It’s official. The #SteamSummerSale starts 22/06 at 6pm BST and PayPal customers get an extra £5 off *terms apply,” said its post. In Malaysian time, that means the sale will begin on the 23rd at 1 in the morning - that means it’s less than 48 hours away!

Valve hasn’t made an official announcement yet, but it shouldn’t be unlikely for this revelation to be at least close to the exact date. PayPal is also offering - in the U.K., at least - a deal where spending £20 (RM108.20) at Steam Get nets you a £5 (RM27.05) discount off from PayPal. It expires on July 5, which is likely to be when the Steam Summer Sale ends as well. While it’s uncertain if the deal applies to other countries, you can read the details here if you’re interested and hopeful it'll apply here as well.

The date revealed by PayPal UK is actually pretty close to the rumoured one that popped up on Reddit last month. In fact, there’s only a difference of 10 minutes between the two. And according to the rumour, the closing date of the summer sale is July 5 as well. I wouldn’t mind if both turned out to be wrong however, but only if it was because the sale ended up starting on Thursday (tomorrow) instead.

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