Here they come, Lineage2 Revolution adds new clan bosses

By Dale Bashir on Jul 21, 2017

Players of Lineage2 should watch out, new clan bosses are here! They are the ferocious Queen Ant and the terrifying Varkaron, Varkaron is a "High" difficulty boss with players requiring at least 20 party members to take him down while the Queen Ant is for those who are just starting out in the world of Aden and is a feat that can be conquered with just 5 party members. Defeating Varkaron will earn players the Varkaron Box, some adenas, a small clan coin box and more. The Queen Ant will award players with the Queen Ant Box and a small clan coin box upon vanquishing her.

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The Tower of Insolence will also be expanded with new floors, with even stronger foes. Players can try their best in this now 70-floor dungeon, going floor-by-floor, defeating every enemy on the way, awarding themselves some precious runes to power up their characters and make the next trip to the tower a breeze.

A new foe called "Amadeus" will also now spawn in the "Summit of Dissonance" area of the game map. This enemy comes packed with high HP and AP and players traveling through the fields of the "Summit of Dissonance" should travel with caution. Player beware and travel in groups so that this monster won't be too much of a nuisance when questing or grinding. 

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These expansions are available now on Netmarble's Lineage 2 Revolution, download the game today on the App Store of Google Play Store. 

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