Here’s what you get by purchasing the Nintendo Switch

By David Tan on Jan 13, 2017

The Nintendo Switch Presentation just ended a few hours ago and we are as excited as everyone out there who is going get one. As for the long-awaited price announcement of the console, the Nintendo Switch will be available for USD$300, arrives worldwide on March 3rd! With that said, here is what in the box when you purchase the hybrid console.

What's in the box

  • The Nintendo Switch Console
  • Joy-Con (Left and Right)
  • The Nintendo Switch Dock
  • Joy-Con Grip
  • an AC Adapter
  • an HDMI Cable
  • 2 Joy-Con Straps

Note that there is a different version of Joy-Con controllers, the one above is what we are all now familiar with ever since the announcement of the console. For those buyers who want more color variation on the machine, a neon blue and neon red version made its appearance, up for you to choose which version you like. Both editions will have the same recommended retail price, so it really is up to your own taste. Personally, the original gray ones will be my choice because it generally looks sleek.

Soruce: Nintendo
Soruce: Nintendo

Neon blue and red version can be bought seperately
Neon blue and red version can be bought seperately

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

What is not included in the $300 set is the Pro Controller. The controller is available for purchase separately for $70 each.

There were no announcement for pack-in games with the console itself, but we’ll be looking forward to the follow-up stream happening tomorrow to see if there are additional info regarding to the console.

The hardware is done, please look forward to the next article where we look into the software announced. There were a lot of exciting titles being announced that we can discuss so please look forward to the next article!

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