Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Features Original Cast, Will Release Later This Month

By Intan Mawarni on Apr 6, 2018

A narrative RPG mobile game, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is coming soon! It’s developed by Portkey Games under the label of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Jam City.The game enables the players to create their own character and experience life as a Hogwarts student.

Earlier this March, we revealed that a new Harry Potter game is coming soon on your mobile screens in which you can attend the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, take part in magical classes of your favourite professors and you can Expelliarmus someone away in a duel.

CEO of Jam City Chris DeWolfe said in a press release: "Our goal with Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is to make players really feel for the first time like they’re attending Hogwarts by including these iconic and incredibly talented actors in the game, we come one step closer to truly giving fans their own Hogwarts experience.”

Speaking of the professors, the original actors are lending their voice talent for the mobile game! Dame Maggie Smith returns back as Professor McGonagall and Michael Gambon as Professor Dumbledore.

Professor McGonagall’s Dame Maggie Smith cannot wait to play the game and the deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts shared with us which class she would like to attend the most, “If I could attend Hogwarts as a student, I would be most excited to attend the potions class taught by Severus because it is the most exotic.”

Harry Potter fans will also recognise some of these voices that include:Warwick Davis as Professor Flitwick the charms master

  • Sally Mortemore as Madam Irma Pince the librarian
  • Gemma Jones as Madam Pomfrey the matron
  • Zoe Wanamaker as Madam Hooch the flying instructor

This mobile game is set prior the arrival of Golden Trio: Harry, Hermoine and Ron so, you are the true star of the Hogwarts Mystery!

You don’t need to wait your Hogwarts submission letter no more as Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery will be released on April 25 for both iOS and Android but, the pre-registration is open now.

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