Han Zimmer Producing A Soundtrack for Arena Of Valour?

By Nicolas See Tho on Oct 11, 2017

We are just as surprised as you when we were writing the headline of this article when we saw there was a collaboration by Garena's Arena of Valour with Han Zimmerman, acclaimed soundtrack producer who have crafted masterpieces from movies such as Inception, Batman, and Interstellar.  

Here is the original post we saw which gave us the first jaw drop:

Apparently, we are going to be getting Zimmer grade music for Arena of Valour. For some, we might be getting an increase in pent-up hype while for most like me, we are stuck between confusion and anticipation as this would mark the first time we have seen a prolific score composer from Hollywood dabble in creating soundtracks for a MOBA game, and a mobile game no less. 

We think there might be a link between their use of the DC licensed characters whereby their movies are mostly composed by Hans Zimmer thus we might just get a rehashed version of the movie scores. We have yet to see a launch date from the game, so once again we wait with abated breath.

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