Hallow's End Arrives on Heroes of the Storm, with a Demolition Junkie Not Too Far Behind

By Dale Bashir on Oct 19, 2017

The maniacal, grenade lobbing Junkrat is making his way to Heroes of the Storm, just in time for Halloween. He comes with all of his explosive toys from Overwatch, with his primary attacks being him grenade launcher, his trip mines and steel trap he is known to be setting in between moving the payload. He is an Assassin type character, which means he can dish out as much mayhem and pain as he can.

In accordance to the festivities, Junkrat's first alternate skin casts him as the devil he really is.

Junkrat is not the only one who is into the spirit of things, there are new skins for other fighters in the Nexus, including a legendary skin for Greymane, a slew of new skins for Brightwing, Cho'gall, Murky, Gazlowe, and Chromie.

And don't forget some spooky mounts for you to go trick or treating with around the Nexus.

Of course, all the old Halloween skins from the last one are available to be unlocked through various bundles and loot boxes, with loot boxes being available to players for everytime they level-up and Weekly Brawls that happen after October 20th will reward players with Hallow's End Chests as well.

All this and so much more in Heroes of the Storm's Hallow's End event happening now through to November 14th. So enter the Nexus now to enjoy in all of the spooky festivities.

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