Guide to Defeating All Difficulties in Overwatch Uprising

By Kurtis Chan on Apr 16, 2017

Uprising is latest game mode introduced in Overwatch, and it is also the second PvE game mode in the game. This game mode is a 4 player co-op event, set on the King's Row map where you have to fend off waves and waves of Null Sector Omnics to save King's Row from further destruction. The main Uprising game mode only allows you to choose from Reinhardt, Mercy, Tracer and Torbjorn, whereas the all heroes version lets you pick and play whichever heroes to your heart's content. Players can choose from 4 different difficulties to try and beat the game, which are Normal, Hard, Expert and Legendary. The Legendary difficulty is actually very hard to play in and many players are struggling to win a game on it and unlock the "Distinguished Service" achievement. By following this simple guide, you can now have an easier time playing Uprising in Legendary difficulty. Try it out and you can thank me later.

General tips

  1. Drop pods can be killed before or as they land

I am sure every one who played Uprising at least once will know this. You can gun down the drop pods before it even land on the ground. Torbjorn’s turret will also target the drop pods when they initially spawn in the air, giving you a hint of where will the drop pods land.

  1. Reinhardt can shield Slicers' laser damage to payload

This tip is also a no-brainer. Multiple Slicers will spawn from different directions at a time and sometime it takes a longer time to get rid of them. Reinhardt’s barrier can shield off the Slicers’ lasers from dealing damage to the payload, and this will greatly help you unlock the “Handle With Care” achievement where you need to deliver the payload with over 80% health in Uprising on hard difficulty.

  1. Only Slicers and Detonators damage the payload, other omnics will target players

Another great tip for unlocking the “Handle With Care” achievement. Take out Slicers and make sure the Detonator doesn’t self-destruct at the payload, while killing off the other omnics before they take you out. If you can’t kill the Detonator in time and it is about to explode, the next tip will save a great amount of the payload’s health.

  1. Reinhardt can shield Detonator's explosion damage

Yes, that’s right. When playing in the Legendary difficulty, often times you will not be able to take down the Detonators in time as their health is as thick as my textbooks. Before it is about to explode, Reinhardt can activate his barrier and place the barrier in between the payload and the Detonator to nullify its damage.

  1. Headshots will stagger the omnics

Headshots to the omnics will cause a mini-stun to them, which is crucial to surviving as they will stop attacking you while you destroy them.

  1. Detonators will lose armor plates after receiving damage, shoot the orange core to deal critical damage to it

One quick way to destroy a Detonator is to damage one part of it until the armor plate falls off which exposes its orange colored core and attacking it. Attacking the core deals critical damage to Detonators, even with Reinhardt’s hammer.

  1. Payload will still activate even if only one member is alive and omnics are attacking it

As long as your payload is still ‘alive’ and you’re the only surviving player of your team when the clock strikes zero, it will still activate and you can continue to push it to the third point. One neat trick to know is that when the payload activates, it will destroy all of the Null Sector Omnics that were spawned during the activation of the payload.

Hero Specific Tips



  • Blink in front of the omnics can confuse bots for a short period of time.
  • Blink behind Eradicators to destroy their shield. Attack the left arm first will cause it to drop and its shield will be gone since it uses left arm to hold up the shield.
  • Pulse Bomb Bastions. In Legendary difficulty, taking out Bastions is the main priority as they deal tons of damage. The longer they survive, the faster the game ends in a defeat.



  • Shield team and payload. Reinhardt’s barrier is the main element for survival and winning the game in all difficulties.
  • Charge Detonators away from payload. Charging them far away from the payload gives your team more time to take out the Detonators before it explodes.
  • Charge and Earthshatter Bastions. As stated before, Bastions do the most damage in the game mode. Reinhardt’s charge and Earthshatter can buy time for your team to focus fire on Bastion before it kills everyone.
  • Shield teammates who are reviving a dead teammate. Teammates who are reviving a dead teammate are extremely vulnerable to death and Reinhardt’s shield works wonders here.



  • Always build turret on payload. The main reason is because the omnics will also target the turret and Reinhardt can shield it while he is shielding the payload from Slicers.
  • Throw out armor packs whenever you can. Always prioritize Mercy and Tracer first as they are they the most important heroes in their respective roles.
  • Be the secondary DPS for the team. One DPS is never enough the beat Uprising in the harder difficulties and Torbjorn deals fairly high amount of damage with his primary and secondary fire.
  • Save Molten Core for large waves. As you play the game mode long enough, you will know when a large wave is gonna spawn, especially when Detonator and Bastion spawn at the same time.
  • Use Molten Core to ressurect a dead teammate. Molten Core grants Torbjorn extra armor and health, and it is sufficient to soak up all the damage while reviving a teammate.



  • Heal! Focus on keeping your teammates alive as Mercy instead of living up to the name of Combat Medic.
  • Damage boost teammates when facing against intimidating omnics like Bastions. However, don’t forget to juggle between healing to keep teammates alive.
  • Use your ultimate wisely. Know when to manually rez a teammate or using her ultimate.
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