Guess Who Is Back, This Time With The Blitz Treatment

By Dale Bashir on Nov 10, 2017

MapleStory is back in a whole new way, taking a more modern approach to their classic RPG formula, with an all-new trading card-based real-time strategy game for mobile phones. It is out now and fans of the classic MapleStory should definitely check out this game at launch.

The evil Black Mage is terrorizing the lands again and it is your job to collect heroes, formulate strategies and vanquish your enemies. Fight against monster hordes or even fight against other players to be the ultimate Blitz player. 

Classic heroes joining the fray include Mercedes, an excellent archer blessed by the Fairy King; Phantom, an avenging thief who's bringing justice to the death of his one true love, Empress Aria; and Demon Slayer, Black Mage’s former commander who joined the resistance. Join in the fun with MapleStory Blitz, available today in Australia, Malaysia, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Poland, the Netherlands and the Philippines on IOS and Android devices.


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