Gudetama Tap! - Pre-Registration Starts Now!

By Jasmin on Mar 28, 2018

Cyberstep has partnered up with Sanrio to bring our favourite lazy egg to our mobile phones with Gudetama Tap! set to be released Spring 2018. According to Cyberstep, “Gudetama Tap!” will combine all the fun of cooking Gudetama with exciting friend and photo related features as well!

You can “collect” different Gudetama by cooking it in different ways and there will even be variants based of local specialties. Nasi lemak Gudetama, perhaps? If your phone is AR-capable, you can bring the lazy egg out into the real world and snap photos of it lazing around on top of objects.

Share Gudetama with your friends and gain access to their rooms where you can play with their favourite Gudetama or help them out when they’re cooking! You could even give them a Gudetama that you own as a gift.

Pre-registration for the app started on Monday and is open worldwide. Pre-registered players are eligible to win prizes ranging from in-game items, gift cards, and big Gudetama plushies and these prizes depend on the number of times Gudetama has been poked on the pre-registration site. The more people pre-register and the more Gudetama gets poked, the greater the prizes and the more people can win them.

What are you waiting for? Pre-register now and stand a chance to win some sweet loot!

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