Graves ,Quinn, and other struggling champions will see changes in League of Legends future patches

By Kurtis Chan on Mar 15, 2017


Riot Games recently just made a confirmation in the League of Legends Dev Corner that Graves and Quinn will be receiving nerfs in the upcoming patches, while some of the struggling champions in the jungle are in plans for a buff.

Graves has been one of the top picked champion to fill the jungle role for months now and he certainly has been dominating it. With his tremendous area of effect burst damage, there are only a number of champions that can match Graves' damage output in the game, like Rengar and Kha'Zix. However, both of them can only take out one target at a time, unlike Graves who can dish out insane damage and kill off several enemies with End of the Line (Q) and Collateral Damage (R). Furthermore, his passive while using Quickdraw (E), True Grit grants him bonus magic resistance and armor, allowing him to survive longer while cleaning up the enemy team.

Therefore, Riot is looking to make changes to Graves' True Grit. "We'll be looking at Graves in 7.7. Starting belief is that he's too general a pick. First change we'll be testing is removing the MR from True Grit, making him a significantly less attractive pick against Magic Damage heavy teams," Riot Meddler posted. He also hinted that more changes will come to Graves, or even replace the change to his True Grit. "Very possible we make other changes in addition, or instead, of that though."


Meanwhile in Demacia, Quinn will be receiving a slight balance change to her. She has not seen much gameplay in the professional League scene or even in solo queue games. Clearly there is a problem with her, specifically her kit, and Riot wants to fix it. "We're testing some changes to Quinn at the moment. Goal there's about counterplay primarily, not power. Quinn's assassination pattern's pretty non-interactive for how repeatable it is. Given her ult's low CD she's not windowed in the same way other champs with similar kill potential and target access tend to be. We're exploring changes that shift her towards more sustained damage as a result (less AD ratio on R, more attack speed)," Riot Meddler stated.

Besides Graves and Quinn, Riot also has semi-confirmed plans to buff up struggling champions in the jungle like Fiddlesticks, Amumu, Nunu, Jarvan IV, Nidalee, and Volibear. Speaking of jungle, the Red Brambleback (red buff monster) is receiving a nerf to its magic resistance to help out AP junglers. "Looks like those changes will be split across at least a couple of patches. We'll have buffs to Fiddle in 7.6, along with Red Brambleback getting less MR (makes it easier for magic damage dealing junglers to take it). 7.7 will then almost certainly have Amumu stuff in it, with Nunu and J4 likely though not guaranteed. Nid changes previously mentioned are unlikely at least in the short time. Volibear a possibility in 7.7 or later, though nothing proven good yet," Meddler added.

I do hope that Quinn will be in a better spot after these changes hit live servers. Now that Riot is taking away Graves' MR in True Grit, can he have his cigar back?

Kurtis Chan
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