Gran Turismo Sport's Demo is Out Now for PS4

By Dale Bashir on Oct 10, 2017

We're about a week away from the release of Gran Turismo Sport, the return of Sony's long-awaited, premier racing simulator is having a free demo available for all PS4 users for a limited time only.

People who have already pre-ordered or have made up their minds on buying it should download the demo as it is more of a beta and has a lot of the features of the game loaded in already. Your data from the demo will also carry over into the full game along with a million in-game cash. Within the demo, there is the Sports mode, which acts as a time trial of sorts, Arcade mode, the standard racing mode that also supports 2-player split-screen, and Campaign mode, the main mode to unlock new cars, tracks and participate in a variety of challenges to hone your skills as a driver.

Prior to this, the demo has only been available for pre-loading for Playstation Plus users and was available to the subscribers yesterday. Now, non-Playstation Plus users can get in on all the racing action as the demo is now open for all. The demo is available for download until 11 am on the 12th of October and will only be playable until 11 pm on the same day. So download today if you want to enjoy the demo to the fullest.

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