Google Introduces Two New Rewarded Ad Experiences

By Yue Lynn on Mar 20, 2018

A few days before the upcoming Game Developer Conference, Google has announced some important ad news for mobile gaming.

This news came after Google revealed they had been able to “deliver over 10 billion app installs for developers through ads via Universal App Campaigns (UAC), which uses Google’s machine learning technology to discover loyal fans across, Google Play, YouTube and over 3 million sites and apps in the Google Display Network”.

These figures are not surprising considering the rise of mobile games’ popularity and an increasing target market (number of players) size which serve as contributing factors towards the boom of opportunistic ads. “Enjoy playing a specific title? Hi there, here is an advertisement featuring another game that you may enjoy playing!” And voila, before you know it, you will be buying and downloading the game from that ad you saw.

Thanks to this, Google will be testing out two new ‘rewarded ad experiences’ in reaching out to people. Via AdMob (one of Earth’s largest mobile advertising platform and also under Google), rewarded ads are simply ads that reward you with something if you watch said ads. By watching video ads, players are awarded in-game objects (extra life, potion and etc.).

Imagine you’re playing an adventure game but your heroine dies in the middle of her journey and you probably think it’s game over. Suddenly an ad pops up stating that your heroine can be granted with another ‘life’, only if you watch the video ad. It’s not rocket science to guess what any player, aka you, would do next.

Thus the rewarded ad could literally extend the playing time on a game, at the same time this gives a bigger reach for advertisers targeting gamers. More importantly, if the player continues to play after watching the ad and is enticed by whatever said ad had advertised, Google wins. And if Google wins, mobile game developers win!

Before I went off track, let me steer back to the main topic. The two new rewarded ad experiences are: playable ads and multiple-option video ads.

Rewarded ads with multiple-option videos

You know what else people like besides incentives? Choices. Having a tea-only option is “meh” but if we’re given multiple choices similar to the “coffee, tea or juice?” options, the situation suddenly looks more attractive, doesn’t it? And Google sure knows how breathtakingly attractive this mode is. After all, gamers love in-game menus and choices…

Rewarded ads with playables

An ad that also functions as a mini game? Giving you a ‘lil taste of a game is a sneaky way to attract people to check out the advertised game. If you fancy the taste of a small piece of the game, you will definitely wish to savour the whole piece of the game. And this type of logic is what Google is hunting for.

By now, I think you, dear reader, can at least envision a good picture of what Google is doing. If you happen to be a mobile game developer, these will come as good news for you.  In summary, by “analysing millions of signal combinations in real-time”, Google did these: reach out to players who are more likely to buy in-app purchases and reaching out to people who possess same interests with your game’s customers exactly when they are interested in games and apps similar to yours. Smart, savvy and enterprising, indeed. Well played, Google.

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