Good Plays and Camaraderie in Garena Student Alliance's Grand Finals

By Dale Bashir on Nov 20, 2017

The stage was set, the auditorium was packed, the crowd was on the edge of their seat as the League of Legends Grand Finals were underway with Taylors University vs INTI as the match we had all been waiting for. Play after play, with each player giving it their all, the crowd went wild. Taylors University took home the gold, the real winners being the fans who came all the way to support and be a part of the ever-growing eSports scene.


The Garena Student Alliance 2017 Grand Finals went off without a hitch and was a massive success. It took place on the 18th of November at Asia Pacific University. The highlight of the day being Taylors University's team showing off some impressive plays against their rivals from INTI.

Taylors wasn't the only university to bring home the gold, the FIFA Online 3 team from UNISEL brought their A-game to the event and beat out the rest of the competition. With the victory also came with RM 6,000 partial scholarships to the 3 students of Unisel and the 5 from Taylors University. Other runner-ups included Multimedia University (MMU) Cyberjaya and INTI University & College (INTI) for League of Legends, with Universiti Teknikal Melaka (UTeM) and INTI Nilai for FIFA Online 3.

Overall the event was a success and it was great to see gamers from all over the country coming together to cheer on their fellow gamers in competition. We hope to see more from Garena Student Alliance in the coming future.

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