Gods Have New Challengers, The 5 Most Over-Powered Characters in Video Games!

By Dale Bashir on Nov 20, 2017

When it comes to video games, one of the big things that people look for in the characters is power. Most gamers agree that they wouldn’t buy an expensive game just to be pummeled by in-game enemies. Whether it is against the AI or other players, whatever character comes out on top will be the favorite among gamers everywhere. Not all video game characters were made equal, none are exactly too weak or too strong, and no character can display extraordinary strength too often. 

That being said, the same can’t really be said for these 5 characters. While the games are programmed in a way to ensure many tough battles, these characters are nevertheless seen as overpowered. The harder the fight, these guys will definitely come out on top. From an enormous pool of strong characters, we here at Gamehubs present 5 unbelievably powerful video game characters:

5. Asura - Asura’s Wrath

First on the list is from Capcom’s infamous brawler, Asura’s Wrath. Main character Asura is a demi-god with immeasurable power. If ever there was a god in the game was even slightly stronger than him, he will always prevail. With the mantra flowing through his body, Asura is able to channel his Unlimited Mode or Trikaya, when he is in this mode, Asura is unstoppable, with his speed and stamina going beyond his limits.


4. Kratos - God Of War

When the first God Of War game came out, the name Kratos gained instant notoriety among gamers. Another demi-god with an irrepressible rage, he would go on to kill any god and goddesses that stood in his way. Though at times, Kratos would be faced with some difficulties on his quest to kill all the Greek gods, his indomitable spirit enable him to sate his unquenchable thirst for the blood of the gods.


3. Dante - Devil May Cry

Being the spawn of a demon does has its perks. For example, Dante could cross between two planes of existence and had unbelievable combat prowess. Even if the demons come in hordes, nothing can stop Dante. Near or far, Dante is able to blow them all away. Wherever Dante goes, his sword Rebellion and twin guns Ebony and Ivory are always by his side.


2. Lu Bu - Dynasty Warriors

How could anyone who has ever played Dynasty Warriors could possibly forget Lu Bu, he has always been the toughest character in the entire game franchise and one of the last characters you can unlock. Not only does he have the fastest horse and an enormous HP bar, he also had enormous reach with his spear. It seemed impossible to ever defeat him in Dynasty Warriors. Even with a legion of soldiers, battles usually end with Lu Bu over a pile of corpses.


1. Bayonetta - Bayonetta

Bayonetta is an interesting character as not only is she sexy, interesting, and also one of the strongest characters out there. Her power surpasses her other Umbran Witches. This beautiful brawler can saunter around the field, summoning demonic beasts to do her bidding. Bayonetta also stands out with her use of hand guns on each limb on her body. Rumor has it that she’s kicked a god hurling into the sun before. Truly, she is the most powerful character in all of gaming.


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