Go Back To Zanarkand As Final Fantasy X Comes To Mobius Final Fantasy

By Dale Bashir on Aug 2, 2018

Mobius Final Fantasy is one of the better mobile offerings Square Enix has made for mobile phones. It pays a lot of homages to the original 3 Final Fantasy games, while also crafting an all-new world and an episodic narrative for fans to enjoy. It has surpassed over 10 million downloads over the past two years, and the game is now celebrating its anniversary with a bang.

Final Fantasy X was released in 2001 and has been critically-acclaimed, and widely remembered as one of the best Final Fantasy games. The story has become a classic, with most players shedding a tear when they hear To Zanarkand. The battle system was an evolution to the iconic ATB battle system of the previous games, and amps it up even further with character switching and playable summons.

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Mobius Final Fantasy, a special Final Fantasy X event will be held for players to enjoy. Including new summons, items, and a new quest, players will surely find a lot to enjoy in the coming weeks. The questline starts off with the “Dream Within A Dream” prologue, with Episode One of the story being released in August 15.

Along with the new story content, you’ll be able to summon Tidus, the protagonist of Final Fantasy X, as an Ultimate Hero Summon. Yuna, the secondary protagonist, can be summoned at a later date, sometime in September. There are’s also two new job classes as well, a “Legendary Guardian” class based on Auron, and the “Al-Bhed Huntress” job based on Rikku.

Fans of the game and can log in now and enjoy the initial prologue for the event. The event will officially launch on the 15th of August and will run until mid-September. You can download the game on the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store, or even on Steam. Keep up with Gamehubs on Facebook and Twitter to be up to date on all things gaming.

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