Give Your Sims a Taste of the City Life!

By Riez on Feb 11, 2017


While this pack does come with a lot of new things and activities for your Sims to do, I cant help but to see at all the wasted potential that could've come with the expansion.

For example, the decision not to allow Simmers to create their own apartment buildings is mind boggling. Apart from life simulation, Sims series has always been all about expressing your creativity in creating your own houses and buildings. With this pack players are only limited to the buildings they offered with the pack.

Plus, while the majority of the city area of San Myshuno is very beautiful to look at, that's all it has to offer. You can't play at this vast beautiful area as it's only decorated for show. You're constricted to play only at your apartment lots and that one square community area below your apartments at each district. You did not even get to decorate that one community area, which was such a waste.

And the new careers are great with the option to work from home. But why limit this options to only the three new careers? The base game careers would greatly benefit from these new upgrades.

And please for the love of God, NOBODY asked for the Artificially Intelligent Talking Toilet. Sure, it might be as funny as any toilet joke would be, but given the choice, I'm pretty sure Simmers would rather have fully customizable apartments and community areas to express our own creativity. 

Lots to See, Less to Play
A very beautiful city pack with some new gameplay elements, but overall limited to a certain degree unlike some of its predecessor.
The Good
  • Apartments
  • New Careers
  • New Objects
  • New Gameplay
The Bad
  • Very Limited In Every Sense
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