Give Your Sims a Taste of the City Life!

By Riez on Feb 11, 2017


This expansion pack also marks the return of apartments and penthouses. Sims can now save their money on houses and opt to rent apartments instead. You only need to pay a small deposit, along with the cost of the furniture and you can move right in! Do note that your rent will be added to your weekly bills, so in the long run renting might be more expensive than owning a house.

Just don't ask us how she gets there!
Just don't ask us how she gets there!

Renting also means that you can only change the interior of your apartment, so that's a big no to knocking down the exterior walls to make bigger apartment space. And unlike in TS3, you cannot build an apartment complex from scratches, so you're basically stuck with whatever limited apartment units the game developers provide.

However, penthouses are a whole different story. Penthouse is basically a big flat lot on top of a high rise building that you can fully customize to your liking, just like an existing lot. You want a pool? Multi-level penthouse unit? Go ahead, nothing is stopping you!


City Living comes with 3 new careers for your Sims. You have the return of the Political career, along with the Social Media and Critics career.

In the Political career, you can pick a cause and fight for it, which can later branch into becoming an actual politician or an activist. Social Media career involves creating online personas and managing virtual contents, which would later give you the choice of becoming an internet celebrity or becoming a full-fledged PR guy, while the Critics career would later allow you to specialized between becoming an Art Critic or a Food Critic.

These aren't really like the good old careers that ship with the game as they allow your Sims to work from home. Working from home would grant your Sims some tasks of the day which they need to complete from the comfort of their home, although some of the tasks might take you outside meeting some people, but at least you'll get to do it when you feel like it!


There are a bunch of new, interactive objects that come with the pack. For example, your Sims can now buy Console Games and play them with friends. These console games will be using the Video Game skill that ships with the base game, which also means you'll be able to unlock new games as you master the art of gaming.

Those who want to warm up their vocal chords would get a chance to do so with the new Karaoke Machines. These machines come in several shape and form that would complement any lot sizes. And you don't have to sing your sorrow away alone as there are also duet song choices available. As with the console games, more choices of songs would be available as you level up your singing skill.

Want something outdoor-esque? Try out the new Basketball Court! Play ball with your friends, or you can even practice alone. The Basketball Court works with the existing Athletic skill, so these hoops would fit right in your neighborhood gyms.

There are many other new things that you can explore yourself, such as the Bubble Blower (PG version of a hookah/shisha machine) and an artificially intelligent Talking Toilet. Yeah, we are as baffled as you are as to why they decided on a Talking Toilet. We'll let you experiment with these new contents yourself.

Lots to See, Less to Play
A very beautiful city pack with some new gameplay elements, but overall limited to a certain degree unlike some of its predecessor.
The Good
  • Apartments
  • New Careers
  • New Objects
  • New Gameplay
The Bad
  • Very Limited In Every Sense
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