Give Your Sims a Taste of the City Life!

By Riez on Feb 11, 2017

The Sims 4 City Living expansion pack is the latest addition to the game that aims to bring the city life right to your Sims' doorsteps.

This expansion pack comes with a huge and diverse city themed experience for your Sims. The pack adds on the city of San Myshuno, which is what you'd say a hybrid between Tokyo, New York City and perhaps Shanghai as well.


San Myshuno is divided into 4 main districts; Spice Market, Arts Quarter, Fashion District and Uptown. Each of these districts come with a few apartment buildings, community lots and a public space that will be hosting festivals and food stalls from time to time. Some of these districts come with exclusive penthouse lots which would cost a bomb, but totally worth it for the view.

Spice Market

Spice Market is heavily influenced by Asian culture, and this can be seen through the Spice Festival, a food carnival that features spicy cuisines from around the region. Your Sims will also get the opportunity to buy chili powder, wasabi and saffron to spice up your kitchen (no pun intended)!

Apart from that, this district also hosts flea markets from time to time, and your Sims can go there to buy unique furniture and decor at discounted prices. They can even haggle to get the best deal possible! Feeling inspired by the flea market? Join in the fun as your Sims can also set up their very own stall if you wanted to.

Arts Quarter

Artsy fartsy Sims might take a liking to the Arts Quarter. This Bohemian themed district is the home to all aspirational musicians, creative artists and hipsters. You can find all these people around, creating 'art' by painting murals, spraying graffiti on the floor and busking music all over the pavements.

Arts Quarter is also the home of Humor & Hijinks Festival, an event to celebrate pranksters and jokesters all around you. Drink 'special tea' that represent each side of the Jokers or Pranksters, and prank and joke your night away with other participants!

Fashion District

You can easily see the influence of Japan's futuristic design in this Shibuya-inspired district. Fashion District is the home of mid-upper class city dwellers, and it shows. Popular with young, fashionable and trendy Sims, Fashion District is also the home to Romance Festival and GeekCon.

Romance Festival is akin to Japan's Cherry Blossom Festival, with the added romantic twist. You can enjoy the scenic view with sakura petals flowing all around you. Drink romantic tea to get you in the mood, and for those who need help with their love life, consult a Romance Guru!

As for GeekCon, the event is like every other anime or convention that we have out there. There will be cosplay activities, along with gaming and hacking competition going on during the entire event. Win prizes from these competitions and stalk befriend cosplayers just like in real life!


Uptown is an exclusive, high-class area reserved for your wealthiest of Sims. There are no festivals hosted in this area. The public space of Uptown is usually reserved for activities involving the new Political career, which is making a comeback with this expansion pack.

Uptown is also the place where you'd find luxury apartments and 'atas' penthouses, with a design clearly inspired by the Upper East Side of New York City.

Myshuno Meadows

Myshuno Meadows is comparable to Central Park of New York City. It's a public park where your Sims can come to hangout from time to time to run away from the grays of the city into the green shades of nature. This venue is optimized for weddings too, so if your Sims wanna get hitched, they can consider doing it in Myshuno Meadows.

Lots to See, Less to Play
A very beautiful city pack with some new gameplay elements, but overall limited to a certain degree unlike some of its predecessor.
The Good
  • Apartments
  • New Careers
  • New Objects
  • New Gameplay
The Bad
  • Very Limited In Every Sense
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