Ghost Recon Wildlands Review Round-Up: Is Ubisoft's Latest Open World Game Good? (Updated)

By Melvyn Tan on Mar 8, 2017

PC Gamer - I like a lot of aspects about Wildlands, specifically its co-op experience. It's easy to assume that any game can be fun with some friends, but Wildlands makes specific, clever design decisions that make for a better multiplayer experience—albeit to the detriment of solo players. If that consistency of vision had run through the entire game, Wildlands could have been something special. Unfortunately, there are too many mitigating factors—from design and tone, to performance and AI. Wildlands is often good, and infrequently great. In the main, though, it's a bit of a mess.

PlayStation LifeStyle - Though far from perfect, Ghost Recon Wildlands is one of the most effective franchise reboots in recent memory. It manages to build upon the key squad-based mechanics that set the series apart, while not feeling the need to pander to the established fan base. The result is a fantastically realized open world that legitimately feels like it could be a real geographic location. Now that I’ve had a taste of the new Ghost Recon, I couldn’t imagine going back.

TIME - Just when you think you've figured out how to catch the game in a loop, it throws something new at you. Like spotlights (with switchable power junctions) that make you more visible at night. Or compounds that jam your drone's signal, rendering it useless (and you tactically blind). Or agitated enemies who become relentless hunters as well as wicked smart shots at sniper distances. Or the withering assaults from mortars, helicopters and surface-to-air missiles that will send even the ablest players scrambling to retreat.

Watching all this unfold feels like listening to a jazz musician tee up changes for fellow players to jam over. Slight variations ripple and become riveting permutations. We've seen and to a certain extent done much of this in games like Far Cry 4 and Watch Dogs 2. But never on this scale, or as deftly balanced.

Twinfinite - Despite these issues, Ghost Recon: Wildlands is still a rather fun game to play thanks to the sheer openness to each engagement offered. While the experience is almost always better when playing with friends, the poor friendly A.I. wasn’t frustrating enough to ruin my experiences trekking across Bolivia. If you can look past the rather thin story and characters, there’s a smart, engaging shooter that begs for players to try new weapons, gear, and approach options. While this isn’t the definitive Ghost Recon experience, Wildlands is still an entertaining title for those looking for a more tactical experience. 

USgamer - As a multiplayer game, though, Ghost Recon Wildlands really shines. It's very entertaining, and many of the frustrations that are part of the single-player experience melt away when four people are participating in the action. It's clear that this is what the game was really designed for, and while it's still possible to exploit the game's weaknesses to beat some missions, it just feels a bit more of a laugh with other players

WIRED UK - Ultimately, Wildlands feels like it's trying to fit between two worlds – military tactical shooter and open-world free-for-all – but doesn't quite manage to bridge the divide. Its multiplayer is its greatest strength, and with a little polish could fill the same niche as Rainbow Six: Siege, but its single-player feels like a frivolous distraction.

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