Get Points Through Game Achievements With The Xbox Game Pass Quests

By Michelle J. Brohier on Jan 10, 2019

On top of being able to earn cryptocurrency by playing League of Legends, gamers now also have the option to earn points through game achievements with the Xbox Game Pass Quest. It's a first for gamers to be rewarded for their gaming achievements, rather than just how much they spend purchasing games.

The announcement was made on the Xbox website where it states that there will be seven quests available in January worth 2,100 possible rewards points. Some of these quests involve getting only certain achievements in specific games. For example: killing 100 enemies in Metro Redux using a revolver to get the Cowboy achievement.

Other quests are more generic, such as collecting an achievement from any game that was added to Game Pass since December. Those 2,100 rewards points may not be a lot at first, seeing as 1,700 points only gets you a US$1.25 Xbox gift card, while a free month of Xbox Game Pass costs 7,000 points. But it's a good way of racking up points throughout the year, and they may release other items you may want to get in the future too.

Before this, the quests include simple things like watching something for a certain number of minutes, completing a feedback survey, or even reading about a new game on the Xbox dashboard. Some were worth small amounts of rewards points while many simply entered you into a sweepstakes for things like a free year of Xbox Live Gold.

With these latest quests, it works in Microsoft's favour as this will get gamers to try out games that are listed in the quest.

Share with us in the comments as an Xbox user if you'll be joining the quest to get more points through games!

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