Get a free taste of Halo Wars 2 with its new demo

By Melvyn Tan on Mar 14, 2017

Image source: Microsoft store
Image source: Microsoft store

The idea of Halo Wars 2 having a demo delights me for some reason, although I'm not really feeling the urge to download it and give it a try. If you've been wanting to try it for free before buying it however, then you can finally do so right now.

So what's in this demo? Well, it has the first mission from the campaign, unsurpisingly, along with the Blitz Firefight mode, which is a little surprising to me. The first will offer you a taste of how the vanilla gameplay will be like, while the latter implements card game mechanics that replace base building.

I played the competitve variation of Blitz during its beta, and I suspect that more players are probably playing that instead of the co-op Firefight version. I don't have any statistics in my grasp though, so chances are you'll be able to get into games fairly easily and gain some decent replayability from the demo. Provided you like the mode, of course.

Here's the more exciting-sounding official description of the demo:

"Real-time strategy makes an explosive return to the Halo universe in Halo Wars 2. Lead Spartans, Warthogs and other classic Halo fighting forces into war across a wide variety of single player and multiplayer modes. The Halo Wars 2 demo features the opening mission from the thrilling campaign and an exciting new game mode, Blitz Firefight. In the campaign, players will strategically command overwhelming firepower in large-scale battles against a terrifying threat facing the UNSC and all of humanity. Blitz Firefight is a fast-paced mode where players use decks of cards to summon vehicles and troops to fight against waves of AI-controlled enemies. Try before you buy with the Halo Wars 2 demo."

Real-time strategy! Overwhelming firepower! Large-scale battles! Lovely-looking units from the Halo series! Halo Wars 2 sure sounds lovely.

If you still feel a bit uncertain after playing the demo, maybe our review round-up for the game can help you out.

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